Please find below the most frequently asked questions concerning the types of equipment we have available to better serve you our valuable customers.

Bins • Containers


Do I have to have a bin enclosure before I can get a bin?

If you need the bin delivered with in the City of Mesquite you will need a bin enclosure before you can get a bin delivered.  There is one exception to this rule, if you are building and have a building permit you can have a bin delivered to your address until you get your C of O (Certificate of Occupancy).  If you want to have a temporary bin delivered for special clean-ups you will not need a bin enclosure but you will only be able to have the bin a short time (Two weeks max)

If you live in a location other than the City you do not need a bin enclosure, if for some reason you feel you want a bin enclosure, prior approval of the location will be needed.  Please refer to our <a style="color: #0000ff;" Code Section for further details.

Can my front-load bins have wheels?

Yes, but the bins will need to be place back in the same location each time they are serviced.  If you wish to add wheels to your bins you will pay much more to have your bins serviced.  We highly recommend you avoid wheels on your bins to keep your refuse bill as low as possible.  We will only place wheels on bins up to 3 cubic yards.

What’s the difference between front-load and roll-off bins?

  • Front-load type bins are individual bins that set at your site and are serviced as scheduled.  These types of bins never leave your site until you are finished using the bins.  These bins are serviced with a large truck that picks them up and lifts them over the top of the truck and dumps the bins in the hopper of the truck.

  • Roll-off type bins are bins that are delivered to your site and are serviced as scheduled.  These types of bins are removed from your location each time you need them serviced.  These bins are serviced with a large truck that rolls the bins on the truck and is then taken to the landfill to be dumped.  After dumping they are returned to your site until they are full or you are finished and then they are dumped and removed.

What type of bins does Virgin Valley Disposal have?

Virgin Valley Disposal has basically two types of bins, which come in a few different sizes, the two types are…

  • Front-load bins which come in four different sizes (2 cubic yards, 3 cubic yards, 4 cubic yards and 6 cubic yards, and 8 cubic yard)

  • Roll-off bins which come in two different sizes (20 cubic yards and 30 cubic yards)


Which way does the side-load need to face to be serviced?

Important!!!  Arrow on the lid of the container must be pointing towards the street.

Does the garbage have to be in the container to be serviced?

All garbage should be inside the container with the lid closed. Use only the containers provided.  The special truck cannot handle other containers!  Please do not set items next to or on top of the containers extra (normal household) items can be taken to the Landfill for no extra charge.  (Please take your container number’s with you to the landfill.)

Does my side-load container have to be on the street?

Containers need to be on the edge of the street.  (NOT ON THE SIDEWALK OR AGAINST THE CURB).

Do the containers need to be placed in a specific area?

Containers need to be placed in a clear area.  The Collection Truck needs to be able to get within three (3) feet of the container.  The container should be placed away from cars, posts, fences, trees, etc.  Those with two (2) containers need to place the containers three (3) feet apart from each other.

When does my side-load container have to be out?

Your containers need to be brought to the public access road in front of your establishment before 6:00 a.m. on your service day.  We understand 6:00 a.m. is early for some people so we highly suggest you place your containers out in front of your establishment the night prior to your service day.  If the containers are not out in front of your establishment, it cannot be picked up.  Virgin Valley Disposal will not return to service if the containers are not in place prior to 6:00 a.m.

What day is my side-load container serviced?

It depends on what type of container you have, if you have a 90 gallon container it will depend on which area you live in as to which day you container is serviced.

Please follow the Service Area link to see which day your area is service.

How many 90 gallons can I have at one address?

You can have up to 3 cans issued at one address. 

What type of containers does Virgin Valley have?

Virgin Valley Disposal has basically one type of container, which come in a two different sizes.

  • Side-load containers which come in two different sizes (90 gallons and 45 gallons)  The 90 gallon container are used to service our residential houses the 45 gallon containers are used for your residential recycling needs.