Virgin Valley Disposal & Recycling

Do you have a new project?

Virgin Valley Disposal & Recycling is here to help you.  Here are a couple of important steps you will need to follow during your construction project. (Please see our full code at V.V.D Codes for more details)

Will-Serve: You will need to obtain a will-serve from Virgin Valley Disposal. Please follow the above link for a list of things Virgin Valley Disposal will need to issue a will-serve.

Permits: A permit from the City of Mesquite is required to build or construct any type of trash enclosures. All others areas need to get prior approval before building any type of enclosure. This will ensure that our trucks will be able to access the enclosure in a safe and productive manor.

Trash enclosure location and specifications: Plans for trash enclosure locations and specifications shall be submitted to Virgin Valley Disposal for review and approval prior to construction.

Bin/bin enclosure access: Virgin Valley Disposal must have a drive-in access, which needs to be free of all over head wires, low hanging trees and a safe distance from motor vehicles.

We know the construction process is a rough time and that TRASH is the last thing on your mind. With a little patience we can work through this and you will have a better project when compete.

Good Luck with your project!!!